The Return of the Dragon

Llanddewi Brefi Green Dragon Project – part of Wildlife Where You Live

Working in partnership with Llanddewi Village Hall Committee, the WWYL Green Dragon project aims to redevelop an underused area of conifer plantation skirting the recreation field. The natural and structural elements of the Dragon are already present in the form of a gnarled old tree, stone faced bank and overgrown hedge.

The project will restore and enhance these to raise the dragon! Working alongside experienced facilitators, local people will create a range of wildlife friendly features, such as: walled hedge bank restored to form the body and scales of the dragon, outgrown coppice cut back to regrow and form the backbone green spines, redundant stones rearranged to form the legs and talons and a new path made from wood waste chippings to link the dragon to a seating area. There will also be opportunities to make bird and bat boxes and carved interpretation panels for the site.

If you live near Llandewi Brefi and would like to be part of this  project, please Contact Us for further information. Why not ‘like’ our Wildlife Where You Live Facebook page to keep up to date with all our  WWYL news? 

With thanks to Dolly Schwenk for creating this design.


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